Long Lost Futures – Myths, Tragedies and Other Deceitful Pretenders

Based on the ideas in Justin Barton’s Hidden Valleys: Haunted by the Future in which Barton argues for lucidity over reason and where futural dimensions co-exists with the present. This book of irrational research uses Barton’s idea of lucid dreaming to connect the work to unknown cosmologies, creating networks that usurp reality whilst being rooted in the mundane materially it embraces a nostalgic longing for the promise of a future that never happened (they promised us jet-packs).

Irrational Research is essentially a fantastical meditation on the past, the present and the future using irrational methods (some experimental) such as long distance correspondence, crystal trials, a pilgrimage to Athens, friendship, tarot and rune readings, philosophy and many more.

At the time of writing (19/5/2017) in Sheffield, UK, that future seems even further away. The result of the referendum last year so arrogantly named Brexit by the media has brought the future out of focus. While Trump won the election in America with a vow ‘to make America great again’, British voters were endlessly bombarded with: Take Back Control. We now have a thing called FAKE NEWS although I suspect it was always so. But the world seems a lot more eerie than I can remember.

I dreamt I fell through the cracks of reason and made a lexicon devoted entirely to gestures.